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Company Profile

We, at Takahashi Seiki Co., Ltd., aim for the latest technology and the highest quality.

We aim to be an expert in the metal components manufacturing industry for the quality-stringent aircraft industry by using the latest technology and equipment.

Through TQC programs and human resource training programs, we focus on the improvement and transfer of various managements involved in technology and production.

To respond promptly and precisely to the diverse and advanced customer needs, we have a production system that combines the state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and experienced craftsmanship to satisfy the customer needs with quality, features, delivery time, cost and high-level products and increase the reliability and safety of the aircraft transport industry.

Takahashi Seiki Co., Ltd.
Naoto Takahashi, Representative Director

Company Profile

Company Name Takahashi Seiki Co., Ltd.
Representative Naoto Takahashi, Representative Director
Address Headquarters: 20-15 Oyamanishicho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Saitama Plant:
1483 Kamitome-Nakanishi, Miyoshimachi, Iruma-gun, Saitama 354-0045 Japan
TEL:049-274-5100 FAX:049-274-5200

Miyazaki Plant:
1742-25 Tanocho Otsu, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki 889-1702 Japan
TEL:0985-67-6010 FAX:0985-67-6020
Plant Area Saitama Plant:1733.23㎡ Miyazaki Plant:3629.32㎡
Established on: August 1 , 1973
Capital Stock JPY 10,000,000
Quality Control QUALITY MANEGEMENT SYSTEM - EN 9100:2018 AND ISO 9001:2015
Number of Employees Saitama Plant (Headquarters): 34 employees; Miyazaki Plant: 22 employees (as on February 2019)
Business Activities Design, processing, assembly of aircraft components, metal processing, 3D curved surface processing
Main customer Jamco Corp.
Saitama Plant (Headquarters)
Miyazaki Plant

Corporate History

July 1961 Founded by Hiroshi Takahashi in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
August 1973 Takahashi Seiki Co., Ltd. was established
July 1989 Moved the plant to Wako-Shi
July 2004 Moved the plant to Miyoshimachi, Iruma-gun
March 2016 Built Miyazaki Plant in Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki

Map: Saitama Plant (Headquarters)

By car

15 minutes by car from Tokorozawa IC

By train

→Tobu Tojo Line: About 15 minutes by taxi from Fujimino Station
→Seibu Shinjuku Line: About 15 minutes by taxi from Shin-Tokorozawa Station

Map: Miyazaki Plant

By car

About 10 minutes from Tano IC

By train

Nippo Main Line: About 10 minutes by taxi from Tano Station