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Production Control / Traceability

Our Proprietary Management System "SPEED MILL"

SPEED MILL is the proprietary system that has been independently developed by our company. SPEED MILL enables us to collectively manage various activities from order acceptance to on-site production, assembly, and delivery through a network.

Integration and sharing of information regarding the work of each department and worker helps in improvement of production efficiency.

Moreover, according to the customer's requirements, customizations and specification changes in the production control system can be done in-house, allowing us to provide a flexible and speedy response.

Management of Order Information, Customer Requirements, Production Status, Instructions, and Delivery Dates
Menu screens categorized for each process
Menu screens are also displayed on the big monitor at each shop floor

Traceability with Lot Management

To support traceability systems that can control who did the production and how it was done, starting from raw materials to processing, surface treatments, assembly, delivery, we urge our suppliers and partner manufacturers to have an equivalent level of the management system.

Recording and storing of management information and printing of a lot number on the products at the time of delivery allow us to provide product tracking.

Flexible Support for Any type of Products and Quantity

In the aircraft sector, the number of components is significant and requires product and production control to manage various products processed in-house and the procured components. Therefore, production for such products is centered on one to several items, unlike mass production of the automobile components.

We also have a system that allows us to flexibly respond to frequent changes in production volume and schedule.