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Our Strengths

STEP 1 Inquiry by Phone/Email

Please feel free to contact us for technical consultations, quotations, etc.
The process will be smoother if you could provide us with the following information.

Product specifications
  • Availability of diagrams
  • Material
Production plan
  • Number of lots
Delivery time
  • Desired delivery time
  • Prototype, mass production delivery time
Important Items
  • Quality
  • Delivery time
  • Cost

STEP 2 Production Consultation Meeting

We examine your inquiries from various angles, such as technical aspects, processes, and construction methods.

Also, we arrange for procurement of the components and confirm delivery time in cooperation with partner manufacturers as and when required.

STEP 3 Production Control with Proprietary "SPEED MILL" System

We centrally manage various types of information based on our acquired know-how in the aircraft sector.

Product specifications
  • Diagrams
  • Material
Delivery time/Production schedule
  • Delivery time
  • Progress management
  • Shipment schedule
Procurement time
  • Partner manufacturers

STEP 4 Start of production

We start production based on the work instructions.

By implementing digital control with our proprietary production control system "SPEED MILL" and thorough site control by "visualizing" the production site, we manage to prevent issues and delays in the delivery.

We offer one-stop support for metal cutting, surface treatment, painting, and assembly.

STEP 5 Inspection, Operation verification, and Quality assurance system

To implement a thorough quality assurance, the operator runs strict checks on the assembled products one by one, and ensures that there are no defects.

STEP 6 Packaging and Shipping

We pack and ship the products according to the production and shipping schedule.

We run a final check before shipping to ensure there are no scratches or dents. We pack the shipment very carefully before shipping it.

If required, a lot number is printed on the product at the time of delivery, and a traceability system capable of product tracking is also provided.